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Four Blind Men and an Elephant

So here is how the story is told. Once upon a time there were four blind men that were good friends, and they helped each other make sense of the world by sharing information. On this particular day, they came across an elephant, and wanted to learn about this amazing creature.

The first blind man walked up to the elephant, and grabbed his tail. He said that this creature is much like a rope. The second blind man grasped the trunk, and exclaimed with great assurance that the elephant was much like a giant hose. Blind man number three found the ear, and was certain that this creature was fashioned like a giant fan, and the fourth blind man ran into the side of the elephant, and said he was exactly like a big solid wall.

A rope, a hose, a fan, a wall. So which is it? Each man was sure of his own “observation”, and argued vehemently for his own description, convinced that he was right. They argued, and stubbornly insisted in great frustration and anger that they knew the truth, each man being right in his own “eyes”.

My question for you is what are other people telling you that you “know” is wrong, because it contradicts what you “know” is right? What do they see that you don’t see? What if you found their observation and opinion interesting, and what if you started to listen to those around you as they describe what they see? What do you miss by just listening to yourself? Think about it.

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