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FEAR - It's not real, but you think it is!

One of the great joys that I experience as a business mentor is helping people unravel and dispel their fears. Today, I will help you do that as you read and understand. We have a simple flip chart concerning fear. False Expectations Appearing Real. Here is an astonishing reality. You can be a fearless person. Being fearless in not being some kind of super-hero. It is just being who you really are. I hope I have your attention.

First, to enjoy being fearless, you must understand the source of fear. The source of fear is your brain. It is an emotional response to thought. Fear does not come from the outside and attack you. Fear is not produced by circumstances or happenings. Fear is a response based on what you think about, believe, and expect. To unravel and dispel fear, you must understand that fear is made up. It is a response based on your expectations and beliefs.

Second, to enjoy being fearless, you must understand truth. Fear thrives on what is false. The truth dispels fear. Balance the checkbook. Go to the doctor. Talk to that employee. Ask the “difficult” question and get out of denial. It is what it is. It is not what you think it is. You can’t successfully deal with illusion. Face the facts of your circumstance and forsake all projections, myths and stories about the future. Drop all stories, myths, and expectations from other people as well. Just consider the facts; no more; no less.

Third, to enjoy being fearless, you must take action. Fear thrives in inactivity. Worry and anxiety are just other forms of fear. Fear is self-focused and self-centered. Shift your mind and energy to what you CAN do and do it. What can you do to address the current situation?

Fourth, to enjoy being fearless, you must choose optimism and happiness. Again, optimism and happiness are responses that you can choose, just like fear is a chosen response. Optimism is a paradigm of possibility. It is using my creative mind to consider how things might go well instead of how they might fail. It is choosing to accentuate the positive in the situation. It is not denying the reality of the situation, but it is looking squarely at reality, and choosing to be hopeful and optimistic.

Let me apply these four basic principles to a common fear – money.

  1. Realize it is not your financial situation that causes fear – it is your thought about your finance that is causing your fear, anxiety, and worry.

  2. Go to work to get your true financial situation defined. Balance the checkbook. Tabulate your debts. Work out a budget. Know the truth about your situation. Forget about the past, you cannot change it. Don’t worry about the future, deal with today.

  3. Create a plan of action to begin addressing your financial situation. Get some help in planning a strategy and then put that strategy into action.

  4. Choose to be thankful and appreciate what you currently have. Consider the possibilities of achieving a positive shift and change to your financial situation. Realize that your thoughts and feelings about your financial situation are even more important than your bank balance.

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