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Entropy – the lack of order or predictability, the gradual decline into disorder, deterioration, degeneration, crumbling, decline, degradation, decomposition, breaking down, collapse

It’s in your body. It’s in your family, your community, and in your business. It is defined by the second law of thermodynamics as the law of entropy. Every system has a degree of disorder and chaos, energy that does not produce.

Apart from a proactive response to entropy, the natural result is disorder. If you are a person who doesn’t like change, this presents a dilemma. If you are passive, non-responsive, laid back, and lazy, entropy will rule. Chaos, decomposition, degradation, and decline will dominate and take over.

Herein lies a wonderful opportunity. Instead of caving in, you can rise-up and choose to counteract entropy. In fact, you can embrace entropy and use it to your advantage!

Here is one example. The perceived need for a product or service typically comes from the desire to overcome entropy. As an entrepreneur, as you see chaos, and pain, and decline, you also see an opportunity to create a way to counteract that entropy. For the successful entrepreneur, entropy is a signpost for success. People pay for effective products and services that counteract entropy.

Your business can become a calm refuge from a world filled with entropy. But that requires a commitment and resolve from you to embrace positive change, and to go against the natural flow; a fearless courage and stance of hope in the midst of chaos. If you will choose to lead, your organization will stand as a beautiful expression of excellence and order in a world of disorder and confusion.

Are you up for the challenge? Making a difference by creating beauty in an ugly environment is quite fulfilling. Entropy is fact. My challenge is for you to recognize it and use it to your advantage by embracing positive change.

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