Drop the Excuses and Get Organized!

Many people go through life in a clutter and swampy mess. They can’t find things, and they are often frustrated and overwhelmed. Their chaotic environment is often a reflection of what’s in their head.

If this describes you, there is no reason to beat yourself up and feel guilty. Instead of wasting your mental energy on excuses, denial, and self-pity, get some instruction and help and get organized.

Getting organized is a simple objective process of creating a defined place for all of your stuff. That includes papers, and books, and gadgets, and keys, and watches, and wallets, and clothes, and shoes and e-mails, and voicemail, and need I go on? All that stuff that is scattered here and there. It also is all the head clutter as well. Concerns, worries, thoughts, aggravations, irritations, tasks, ideas, dreams, grocery lists………need I go on?

David Allen in his classic book on organization “Getting Things Done” provides a step wise process to take the disorganized mess and clutter and organize it systematically so that you can literally “GET THINGS DONE”. Clarity + Action = Results.

It starts by gathering everything into one location, and then taking one item at a time through a series of clarifying steps that include Discarding, Doing, Delegating, Deferring, and Docking. What you end up with is everything clarified and prioritized so that you can have a clear mind and workspace to make great decisions and be super focused and productive. You are open and free to think, create and work on what is most important. The book also provides great instructions on how to maintain the system.

It’s a challenge to make the change, but what a difference it makes in your business and life. I coach people through this process and would be glad to help you. It can start now if you will drop me an e-mail requesting my free 1-page summary of Mr. Allen’s system.

How about giving it a go? Your excuses and victim thoughts about this are getting you nowhere. It can work for you. How about a great change? It will be worth it!!

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