Do You Bring the Light?

When you enter the darkness, do you bring the light? When there is a struggle, do you lighten the load. When there is sadness, do you elevate the mood?

As leaders, and all of us influence others, do we enlighten those we are with? How do people feel after having a conversation with you? Are they more hopeful, more optimistic, more encouraged, more enlivened?

Who you are being in each present moment determines your influence. Are you fully present? Do you engage? Do you listen? Do you understand? Do you care? Are you helpful? Do you share? Do you challenge? Do you encourage?

For your light to shine, you must be empowered. For you to be bright and clear, the plug needs to be firmly in the socket, the batteries fully charged, and the bulb crystal clean.

A few coaching questions: What is your daily practice to maximize your glow and energy? What areas of your life are a bit cloudy need some cleansing? Who could help empower your spirit, and help you shine brightly?

Finally, what specific actions will you take today to increase your wattage and clean your bulb?

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