One Small Consistent Change

Do you brush your teeth every day?  What difference has that made to your health?  What is one, small consistent habit you could begin that would improve your situation? 

One change.  Just one.  No overwhelm.  No fear.  No intimidation.  No worry.  One simple change. Like brushing your teeth. You are a creature of habit and routine.  That is how you are designed to function.  And you can choose your routine. 

So choose.  One change.  Like brushing your teeth.  Or drinking a cup of coffee.  Or taking a shower.  Or checking your mailbox each day.  Or wearing socks.  Or clicking your seatbelt. 

Here are four suggestions to choose from, or choose one of your own! 

  1. Have a simple, structured, daily time of prayer and communion with your Creator.  Every day.  Like brushing your teeth. 

  2. Take a daily brisk 20-minute walk. 

  3. Intentionally have one kind encouraging conversation per day with someone, anyone. Wouldn’t that be interesting?  Just one kind conversation, each day, like brushing your teeth.

  4. Read one chapter a day that will nourish your mind, heart and spirit.  One chapter a day.  Only one.  Each day. Day after day.  Simple.  Easy.  Transformational.

You can do as many of these as you want to do.  But most people avoid change because it feels like it’s too much to do, so I suggest you begin with one, small, consistent change.  Like brushing your teeth.  And then once that new habit is established, maybe add another! 

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