Contentment vs Ambition

Do you consider yourself to be a content person? Is contentment a good thing? In the world excellence and achievement, could contentment be an obstacle?

Do you consider yourself to be an ambitious person? Is ambition a good thing? In the world of excellence and achievement, could ambition be an obstacle.

Does a content person lack ambition? Does an ambitious person lack contentment?

My thought is that both are good if tempered with the other. Unbridled ambition with no contentment leads to burnout, and total contentment with no ambition leads to mediocrity.

If you consider yourself to be ambitious and are sometimes frustrated by the lack of passion in others, I propose that you lack contentment. The most effective leaders have learned that they need both attitudes. Unbridled ambition will repel most people and may drive away great team members. If you will embrace and learn contentment, you will enjoy and celebrate progress, even when it is not perfect. In the acceptance of others as they are, you are empowered to lead them to better places. People follow people who accept them.

All your passion without the temperance of contentment will just burn others out. Please don’t misunderstand. Passion tempered with patience is powerful.

I help leaders understand themselves. It is uncomfortable, but it’s difficult to change what you don’t understand. My approach is to listen and ask good questions so that we can discover what may be holding you back from being the best leader you can be. Call me when you’re ready to take a closer look at yourself and change.

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