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Climbing the Energy Ladder

I woke up the other day and felt lousy. I was groggy, nauseous, and lethargic. I don’t drink alcohol and was not hung over, but my guess is it was a similar feeling.

What do you do when you feel a bit blah? Your natural inclination might be to pull the covers up over your head, or plop down in the recliner and veg out. How does that make you feel? If your experience is like mine, you feel even worse.

On that particular day, I chose to grab some coffee, put on some music, and exercise. I also read some entries from my gratitude journal out loud and prayed for some help. I started to feel much better and had a boost of energy to face the day.

Here is the lesson. You can change your energy level. It is like climbing a ladder. Climbing higher on the energy ladder begins by eating nutritious food and getting plenty of sleep. And on days when you feel a bit down, you have a choice. You can remain low by channel surfing, web browsing, gorging on junk food, or indulging in other non-productive excesses. Responding to your blah like this will pull you even lower down the ladder into guilt, depression, and discouragement.

Or you can choose to climb the energy ladder by engaging in positive action. Here are some suggestions. Take a walk. Listen to some uplifting music. Tackle a task you have been avoiding. Write down fifteen things you are thankful for. Encourage someone by texting them some encouraging words. Call an old friend. Hug a grandchild. Kiss your spouse. It may shock them! The possibilities are endless.

So, the next time you are feeling a bit low, climb the ladder. Remember, it is not where you start on the ladder, it’s whether or not you choose to climb.

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