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Choosing vs Deciding

Is there a difference between choosing and deciding? I believe there is, and it is a life changing distinction. The Webster definition for decide is “to settle by passing judgment; to make up one’s mind” The definition for choose is “to take, to select”.

Many people are paralyzed in a state of deciding. They weigh the options, and worry about what they are missing. They play out fearful outcomes in their minds over and over. Others sit and decide about what they would like to have, they dream and wish and hope. The creative mind is a wonder, and it can also be a curse. Back and forth, in and out, deciding, considering, judging, stressing, procrastinating. Deciding can continue on and on with no end.

So what ends endless deciding? It is choosing. A choice happens at a distinct moment. You choose yes, or no. You realize that you may not make the best choice, but a deficient choice is better than no choice, because no choice leaves you as a passive victim to whatever happens. Choosing moves you forward. Choosing breaks the circular inertia of indecision. Thinking without action producing nothing. Choosing produces results that can be measured and adjusted. To choose is to be set free.

Moving from deciding to choosing requires ownership. It is stepping up and committing. It is leading. It is living versus dying. It is participating versus resigning.

So whatever you are facing. Whatever you have been pondering. Whatever has you going in circles. You know what it is. Choose. Take action. It is the miracle cure for procrastination.

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