Choose and Act

You’re undecided. Confused. Overwhelmed. Afraid. Uncertain. Not sure. Hesitant. Halted. Paralyzed. Frozen.

We all experience these emotions from time to time. What is the cure? It is choosing and then acting. Look at the buffet, determine what you really want, and then put it on your plate and start eating!

People are drowning in a sea of wispy dreams, desires, and good ideas. Now is the time to rise up and behold the wonder and joy of life, and then grab what you want and go for it!

As you move forward, those yucky feelings of depression, lethargy and uncertainty will fall away. It’s not that you will be perfect. You will make mistakes. You will face resistance and challenge. But the only true failure is the failure to act. When you act, you learn. You grow. You engage. You experience life!

Choose, then act. It’s a miracle cure. Find that first small step and take it. One small step is all it takes to break the spell. Just try it. Do something. Anything. Break the inertia. Quit waiting.

No one is coming to tell you what to do. You don’t need more confidence. You just need to take a step. A baby step will work just fine. While in action, it will begin to make sense. That’s how you learn. That’s how you figure it out.

When are you going to go for it? Tomorrow? Well, it never comes. Yesterday? It has passed and is gone forever. Today is the day to choose what you want, and then get up and go for it. Story time is over. It’s show time.

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