"Busy" IS the Enemy

Personal success coach and author Steve Chandler writes the following in his book, Time Warrior: “In a simple life in which you only do what’s in front of you, there can never be no overwhelm, ever.”

You are at war. To win, you must identify your enemy, and take him out. This is radical. This is violent. It is time to rise and meet this enemy head on. He dwells between your ears, in your thoughts. Your enemy is the mind-numbing hypnotic habit of BUSY.

Busy, busy, busy. Up early. Feet on the floor. Filled with caffeine. Running and dragging from one task to another. Tired at the end of the day. Eating, drinking, smart phone escaping, music blaring, media madness, all to keep some numbed semblance of sanity until you drop into bed. Nighttime. No rest, even in the bed. Tossing, turning, dreading the coming dawn of yet another Xerox day. STOP!!!

To win this battle, you simply must call a cease fire. Silence is step one. Slow down, stop, gather yourself, and understand your real problem. Then pick up a weapon, the word NO. This unfamiliar word is a sword. If you will learn to use it, NO has the power to slash social pleasing and over commitment to shreds. It will sever your shackles and liberate you to rise, focus, and breathe again. From calmness and relaxation, you can now serve others with a gentle spirit. You can transform into a beautiful expression of human kindness instead of a gaudy fake mechanical squirrel on caffeine.

How can you become a time warrior?

Step One: Count the cost. This is a bold path of extreme responsibility and ownership. It is a choice to forsake all entitlement, blame, excuse, and denial.

Step Two: Drop all victim language

Step Three: Practice this habit; At the beginning of each day, choose to create that day based on your true priorities. Then protect your creation by wielding your sword of NO throughout that day and killing busyness.

Step Four: As the close of your day, allow your heart to fill with gratitude as you reflect on the precious gift of another day of service.

Call me if you want some help to get started.

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