Business Owner or Babysitter?

Many business owners feel like babysitters. They shake their head and say that managing their business is like running a day care full of unruly children. They say that is just the way it is, and you it is impossible to find good people that want to work.

There is a better way. Treating your employees like children is frustrating, demeaning, and unnecessary. The real issue is you have neglected to create the systems and agreements that can set you free. You are dwelling in a land of expectations, whining, nagging, frustration, overwhelm, procrastination, and drama. Here is the better way.

First, your team needs a leader. That is you. As the leader, you need to communicate your vision of the ideal business. Your team must see and embrace that picture. Second, your vision must be translated into a written system; a blueprint of sorts; a master plan that shows how this ideal business works. This documented system becomes the standard and the boss. This system must be simple and clear. The goal for your team is to understand and follow the system.

Finally, you need written agreements with each team member. These agreements simply state what you will both do. No more nagging, expectations, babysitting, crying, whining, and spying! You now have agreements based on a culture of mutual respect and commitment to follow the system and keep agreements. If a team member is not following the system, it is your responsibility to confront that team member in kindness, listen and understand why they not fulfilling their agreements, and help them create a way to fulfill their responsibility or choose to leave the business.

I realize that this may sound unrealistic for “YOUR” situation. It is not. Though It does take energy, focus, and commitment, it is worth it. The result is a team focused on customer service and not workplace drama. Ready to give it a go?

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