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Be x Do = Have

Three simple words and two symbols. BE x DO = HAVE. Simple but profound. I invite you to invest a few moments with me considering this formula through some questions.

What do you want to HAVE? You can start with a financial number. Why do you want to HAVE that amount of money? Other than stuff, what else do you want to HAVE in life? Peace of mind? Great relationships? A good night’s sleep!! What difference do you want to make? What project would you love to finish? Maybe you desire better health and wellbeing. What legacy do you want to leave? How about an amazing business. Choose one outcome that you would like to HAVE, and then ask this question….

What must you DO to HAVE that outcome? Action leads to results. Specific action leads to specific results. Wishing, hoping, dreaming, yearning, and affirming do not create results. In fact, without action, they create disappointment, delusion, and regret. DOING brings about HAVING. What must you DO to HAVE what you want? What are you not DOING that must be DONE to create the HAVE that you want?

Now consider our third word…BE. Who must you BE to effectively DO what you must DO to HAVE what you want? And how do you change your BEING? Perhaps it is a skill that needs to be practiced and developed. Maybe you lack desire. You might need to BE a passionate, committed person to DO what must be done to HAVE the result. So what must you DO to change the BE?

I propose that a change of philosophy is a key to this formula. Our beliefs, thoughts, and values drive our actions. BELIEF defines BEING. So what is your fundamental philosophy and worldview? How are your currently nurturing and developing your BE? What are the thoughts about the world, about others, and about yourself that drive your day-to-day living?

I challenge you to invest the time and effort to understand your life philosophy. For me, a vibrant relationship with my Creator is the essence of my identity and purpose. What level of clarity do you have on your purpose, mission, and why? I welcome the opportunity to help you with those questions. If you want to HAVE something other than what you currently HAVE, then you must DO something different that will likely require a change of who you are BEING.

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