Avoiding Problems

Problems are to be solved. Solving a problem moves you onward and upward. Avoiding a problem gives that problem the advantage. Neglected problems grow and get more complicated.

So what problems are you avoiding? What unpleasant situations are you ignoring? What necessary conversations are not happening? What team member needs some accountability? What financial puzzle needs to be understood and addressed? What project do you wish would go away? Who is that aggravated customer that you are avoiding? Family members?

How will you feel once you dive in and go to work, and have the conversation, and make the call, and sort out the mess? It is not problems that bring you down. It is the avoidance of problems that create negative emotion.

Step one is to discover the opportunity in the problem. What will you learn as you address the issue? How will you grow and improve? How will solving that problem change your business and your life? What are the possibilities?

Friend now is the time to rise and go to war. Identify and define the problems in your life and solve them. Throw off the covers of victimhood and take positive action. If you need some help, get it. You don’t have to solve your problems on your own.

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