Are You Too Busy to Succeed?

Are you overwhelmed? Do you believe if you just worked harder, that you could get it all done? Are you about out of gas, but still have a long way to go? Burned out? Tired? Sick and tired? Do you carry the thought that what you need to do is just try harder?

You might be right. Some people just don’t expend enough effort to get it done. But as a leadership coach, I seldom see a lack of effort as the problem. The fact is that most business owners work too hard. They are far too busy. They rest far too little. Like the proverbial hamster on the wheel, they run faster and faster, wearing themselves out going nowhere. Current reality is ignored. They are intoxicated with endless activity, information, and exciting new ideas. They avoid slowing down and facing the present moment.

Busyness is not good business. In fact, busyness is a familiar excuse for not taking care of important business. Busyness is a narcotic that numbs you from facing reality. Too busy to understand your cashflow, or to collect receivables, or to have crucial conversations, or to test and measure marketing results and lead sources. Too busy to invest quality time with key team members and family. Too busy to say thank you. Too busy to exercise. Too busy to get help. Too busy to worship your Creator, or meet with your accountant. Too busy to really get to know your customers. Too busy to see you’re going broke. So busy working hard that you don’t have time to determine if you are truly making real progress. Working hard without clarity is just expending energy. What do you need to stop the madness?

You don’t need more information. Another marketing campaign is not the answer. You certainly don’t need to borrow more money. You don’t to read another book or attend another seminar. You are already drowning in a sea of ideas and information.

What you need is clarity. It begins with a choice to take ownership and pull yourself out of denial. Then you need to STOP…..and find someone that you trust that can help you stay calm, hold you accountable, and help you see your situation clearly. As the fog lifts and disperses, you will see where you are headed and know what you need to do.

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