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A Yearning For Excellence

I enjoy watching the Masters Golf Tournament every year. It is inspiring to observe world class professionals that master their craft and strive to be the best. I believe that within every human being there is a yearning for excellence. The sad reality is that most have given up and defaulted to lives of mediocrity and mere existence.

It is my passion to help others break out of the prison of OK and create excellence. Do you want to be free? Use this article to inspire you to rise up from your easy chair of mediocrity and break your chains of comfort, reignite your passion, and then go for the gold!

I’m talking customer service. So called customer service is at an all-time low….frankly, it’s pathetic. Few people even return calls, and the few that do are rarely prompt. The norm is to be late. Does any contractor ever finish a project on time? What happened to the craftsmen that were retentive about their results and quality of their work? Does anyone leave a meticulously clean and neat work site behind? Can you recall a server that actually smiled and seemed genuinely happy to be taking care of you? When is the last time someone thanked you for the joy and privilege of serving you?

Don’t misunderstand. There are rare individuals that understand and practice great service. It does happen. But this article is directed to you. How about your team? How about you? If you have a deep desire to build a team that consistently provides extraordinary, astonishing world class service, this is an appeal to you to rise up now to this challenge and seize the opportunity. If you will choose to create this team, you can take your marketplace by storm!

If this message resonates; if you feel it inside, then I am offering a conversation to consider helping you build a world class team that delivers world class service. My goal is to help people satisfy that yearning burning desire for excellence. I am seeking a few fanatics; extremists that will not rest until their team and systems are consistently providing amazing and phenomenal results through service; service that shocks and astounds each and every customer. This offer is not for the faint of heart. But if you have been seeking an answer, here it is.

The time has come for you to win this game and then rise and lay claim to your prize. Not some silly little plastic participation trophy! Rather, the gold medal reserved for the Olympians, the ones that are the very best at what they do. Let’s go for it. There’s nothing like being extraordinary at serving others. You will create raving fans. Word of mouth referrals will flood your business. You will have a waiting list of the best people wanting to be on your team. Your profit cup will overflow. You will love your business and enjoy leading and working with your dream team as you serve customers that will overflow with gratitude. Is this really possible? Of course it is. The question is whether you will choose to go for it. Will you?

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