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A Stewardship

What is a steward? It is a person that has been put in charge of property, a business, or a task.

The life you have is a stewardship. Life is a gift, and that gift comes with an accountability. So how are you doing with your gift of life?

Minutes turn into hours, and the day is over. Days turn into weeks, and the month is gone. Is it already summer again? The seasons pass, and it’s been another five years!

You are reading another article. Another challenge and opportunity. It’s time to do something. Rise up! Take hold! Seize the day, my friend. You are blessed with gifts, and talents, and an ocean of opportunity. Banish the excuses. Dump the “reasons” that have been holding you back. Cut out the complaints and whining and lingering resentments. It’s over. It’s gone.

You have today. A blank canvas. A stewardship. A gift.

A single day. Each day is precious. There are only a few remaining for you. Perhaps this day will be your last. Kick procrastination to the curb. Just do it. On this day, go make some royal, glorious mistakes. Take a risk. Go for it. What will you do with this stewardship called life, this day that you have been given? Now is the time. Not tomorrow. I call you to take action. Right now. Today.

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