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What is your immediate feeling when you hear the word NO? Most people have a negative emotional response. After all, it is a negative word, right?

I am challenging you to consider shifting your thoughts and feelings about this word and begin using NO as your default response to requests.

NO is a beautiful and kind word. It is a word of clear choice that liberates people from being a victim to the word YES. YES, is the default response for a people pleaser. When YES is your typical response to requests, it creates over-commitment and overwhelm. Using it as your default response leads to the loss your integrity, because when you say YES to everyone and everything, your commitment disappears because you can’t do everything.

What about the word MAYBE? MAYBE loads your mind with unfinished business and uncompleted decisions. MAYBE dwells in the land of guilt, should and indecision. “Maybe I’ll try to do that soon but I’m not sure when” is the mind clutter created by MAYBE. MAYBE is a procrastinating word of the future which distracts you from the powerful present.

Consider this. What if you changed your default response from YES and MAYBE to a clear, definite NO? What if you eliminated MAYBE, and said YES only to your priorities? What if you only agreed to do what you wanted to do, and said NO to all obligatory, duty-bound requests outside your priorities? What would you say NO to? Who would you say NO to?

I challenge you to develop the habit of using the word NO as your default response to requests, make NO your new best friend, and reserve your YES for only what is important. Think about it, and then give it a try!

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