What If Godzilla Was Killed When He Was A Baby?

How many of you have enjoyed watching the Godzilla movies? They are classic science fiction, where a huge dinosaur like creature comes out of the sea and terrorizes large cities. The special effects in the original movies are humorously amateurish, and how can we forget the masses of Asian people running and screaming “Godzilla, Godzilla” as the monster breaks across another set of power lines and stomps on another busload of people.

As a mentor, one of the principles that I promote is living a proactive life. You don’t wait for crisis to occur and then react as a victim (outside-in), but rather you order your life and business around planning and goals that you create as a victor (inside-out). Steven Covey in his classic book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, presents this as habit number one, Be Proactive.

So what does all this have to do with Godzilla? A proactive person would never allow Godzilla to grow up. He would find and kill the little monster before he became unmanageable. Certainly that wouldn’t make a very exciting movie. No drama and no terror! And that is the point. How much crisis and terror in your life could be averted if you addressed problems as they arise. One neglect leads to another. The worst thing you can do with a problem is ignore it. It doesn’t go away. Long-term problems are much more difficult to solve. They have grown up and become entrenched monsters!

So what are the little monsters running around in your life and business today? Do they have dollar signs attached to them? How about some unpaid back taxes? Are there some employee issues that are irritating you and you are just hoping will clear up? How about that relationship that seems to be drifting south? Do we need we bring up those health issues you have been neglecting?

Proactive people find the baby monsters and kill them! So what are the baby Godzillas running around in your life? You know what you need to do if you don’t want a crisis in the future. As a coach, I help my clients see those baby Godzillas and snuff them out. We also search for the hidden opportunities so we can feed them and grow them into monster blessings! I am ready to go hunting with you! Let’s get started!

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