Storytime vs Showtime

You have hopes, and dreams, and stories. Some love to relish in the past glories and experiences. Others enjoy considering the what-ifs of the future and live in a world of possibility. As human beings, we can remember the past, and dream of the future. I call this is story time. The past that you recall in not the past that occurred. The future that you envision may or may not happen. What is the point?


Today is show time. What matters is what you do today. It’s what you do in the present that makes a difference. There is a time to dream, and a time to remember. Now is the time to act.

You have prepared. You have rehearsed. You’ve talked about it, and talked some more, and considered, and analyzed, and consulted, and planned, and made checklists, and outlined steps, and written goals, and set milestones and, and, and, and, and …… The curtain is rising. The time has come to step up and perform.

Storytime is over. It is showtime.

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