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Some Fun Curious Questions

I am writing this in early January 2022. My chosen focus word for this year is “curious”. In the fun of that curious mindset, I want to ask you my first official curious questions for 2022.

What is possible in 2022 versus impossible?

Many things are possible that we believe are impossible, especially when consider our past. Our past experience limits possibility thinking, so please answer the question again, and do your best to set aside past influence. Be like a little child in the present moment, and ask yourself again; “What is possible this year? From that thinking, choose a specific thing you would like to accomplish, that you believe is possible. When you have it, proceed.

Next curious question. How likely is it that this possibility will come to fruition this year?

This is a reality check…..,,a question that checks your current belief about this likelihood of this possibility occurring. On a 10-point scale (a 10 means it is absolutely going to happen, and 1 means you really doubt that it will ever happen) What’s your number?

Next curious question. What, if anything, would make this possibility a 10 guarantee?

At this point, there is likely a voice in your head that says there are no guarantees, and I tend to agree that there are no guarantees (apart from the promises of God). There are certainly many factors in any pursuit that are out of our control and influence.

So a better curious question. ”What actions will you commit to take in the pursuit of that possibility?”

Within your ability and influence, what specific actions will you commit to that will take you toward the realization of that possibility? What can you, and will you do to move that direction?

Final question. If you commit to and faithfully perform that action, and if you don’t realize the complete fulfillment of that possibility, who would you become, and how would you change, and would there be great value in the pursuit?

I invite you into a world of curiosity this year and the pursuit of amazing possibilities. Happy New Year!

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