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Procrastination - A Story You Need to Drop Right Now!

What is procrastination? Is it a disease? A virus? A genetic tendency? The word does seem to ring with psychological neurotic tones. This is one of those sophisticated euphemistic labels that makes us feel better about lousy choices. Perhaps you are one who hides behind that fancy word, procrastination.

Do you call yourself a procrastinator? Is that what comes out of your mouth when asked about your failure to follow through and complete the task at hand? Is it the villain that holds you hostage as you miss another opportunity? Are you ready to slay the dragon? If so, I have great news for you today!!! Procrastination is not real, it is all made up! It’s smoke and mirrors. It is a fairy tale that you tell yourself about your lack of responsibility, fear, and failure to act. I challenge you TODAY to bring this monster out into the light of the truth and watch it disappear.

No, my friend, you are NOT a procrastinator – there is no such thing. You are just a person who has chosen not to act. “But Dave”, you protest, “My mother was a procrastinator, and I’ve been a procrastinator for years, and I just can’t ever finish things on time.” Please face this critical question; Do you want to continue to believe these stories and tall-tales, or do you want to be get some stuff done and be successful? Face the fact that you have chosen to put things off. I urge you to drop the stories. Choose instead to recognize that procrastination is a myth that you have adopted to keep you from facing the truth that you have been irresponsible and negligent. If you can accept that truth, then you are on the edge of liberation. Realize and accept that you have the power to say yes and no to whatever you choose. You can finish your projects and pursue your dreams if you want to. You can schedule and prioritize and act on what you consider to be most important.

If you are catching my drift, the key to ridding your life of procrastination is changing your beliefs. Here are some common lies that you need to drop:

1. I work better under pressure (therefore I need to let it go until the last minute).

The truth is that haste does make waste and that scrambling, and cramming is not the most efficient or enjoyable way to do anything. A paced and planned project always goes better. It’s time to break the addiction to adrenalin.

2. I need to get the easier tasks out of the way first before I tackle the tough one.

Bad logic. I really need to work on the toughest more challenging thing first, when I am most energetic and fresh. Getting a tough or unpleasant task completed is energizing!

3. I need more information to get started.

Very unlikely. All you need is a good vision of the outcome, and then the first step. The rest can be developed as you get the first step underway. Creative thinking and strategy flow much better when you are in motion. It is generally not the lack of information, but the lack of action that kills a project.

4. It’s just too much to take on.

Only if you take it on all at once. Cut it into smaller pieces. You know how to eat an elephant? One bite at a time. It is regular, consistent progress that gets it done.

So drop the excuses and stories, and get up off the couch and out of that chair and get started NOW! Once you take that first step, procrastination no longer exists.

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