Commitment is a Simple Choice

If you say you want something, and you are not in the process of getting it, you are not committed. It is beyond desire. It is different than trying. It is an “all in” place in the brain that says “this is going to happen”.

Commitment is a simple tool available to everyone. It is a clear, non-negotiable choice. You choose a course of action, and then take it. Simple. Clear. Committed. Anything less is not commitment.

There is no such thing as partial commitment. You either are committed, or you are not committed at all. You are all in, or out. The idea of “mostly committed” is a delusion, a lie, and a form of denial.

When you buy a plane ticket, then you are committed to being on that airplane and arriving at your destination. You change your schedule, and everything takes a back seat to that commitment. You refuse to allow anyone or anything to prevent you from being on that plane. You have somewhere to be and you have a ticket. You speak of the event in committed absolute terms. “I’m going to Chicago on Thursday.” There is no maybe, or I am going to try, or I’ll probably be out of town…” It is a simple statement of fact based on a non-negotiable commitment.

Perhaps you are a business owner or manager that is challenged with employees that are late, or sloppy, or producing mediocre results. The root of the issue is they are not committed. One of the responsibilities of leaders is to require commitment. Do you see the problem? Do you see the answer?

What do you want? Maybe you want to write a book, or improve sales, or lose a few pounds. Perhaps you want to strengthen a relationship, or go on a certain vacation. What do you want to have that you currently do not have? I challenge you to get crystal clear about what it is, write it down, and then commit. You will know you are committed when you move forward with no rear-view mirror!

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